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This is a rare Daisho set of FUCHIKASHIRA boxed in a special box with cover and calligraphy description on the inside of the box( There is translation below). ISHIGURO KOREYOSHI was a master craftsman of the Ishiguro school. Pheasants and Quail and ducks and sparrow are depicted with the utmost of detail executed. The set shows the various flowers and birds of the four seasons. The element’s are very skilfully arranged and provide a great sense of balance. This refined thematic approach, and the applied techniques of this masterwork truly reflect the great skills of ISHIGURO KOREYOSHI. The use of precious metals Gold, Silver, Shakudo and minute detail on the perfectly executed Nanako and abundance of colouring on such a small and define area and in terms of how the chisel and the iroe was applied this set testifies to the fact that Koreyoshi had certainly succeeded the highest artistic approach.

Please, note that images cannot display the intricate detail on these like actually holding them by hand and viewing them with the human eye. For such detail on these Fuchikashira of such small size: Fuchi are 3.8 cm length, 2.1 cm width. The Kashira are3.4 cm length, 1.8 cm width. These are absolutely splendid and a great work of art of the highest order.

The set comes with NBTHK Hozon Certificate to authenticate this to be the work of Ishiguro Koreyoshi

POA (This item has been sold)

Inscription box (inside):

銘 石黒是美「花押」

Kachō no zu fuchigashira
Mei: Ishiguro Koreyoshi + kaō
Baiju no miki no haridashi wa shakudō to kin no
taihi o kiwadataseru kōfu ni te
Koreyoshi no kushin no ri ga ukagawareru.
Heisei nijūrokunen shimotsuki kichijōnichi

“Fuchigashira with flowers and birds motif.
Signed: Ishiguro Koreyoshi + monogram
The way the shakudō and gold create a contrast along the protruding stem of the plum tree truly reflects the diligence with which Koreyoshi designed this work.
On a lucky day in November of 2014 [Seal of Ginza Chōshūya]”