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Flintlock Pistols

Terms and Conditions

All items that are for sale on this site are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • All articles offered for sale are authentic and guaranteed to be so.
  • Unless otherwise stated purchases are final and items cannot be returned.
  • Items are sent by a reputable international courier or a freight forwarding company, door to door service.
  • Shipping Insurance is available only on request and is extra.
  • All payments for purchases can be made in three currencies. They are the following :
    USD (United States Dollar), JPY ( Japanese Yen) , GBP ( British Pound Sterling ) Bank currency transfer commission must be paid by the purchaser.
  • Upon purchase payment must be completed before purchased item is shipped
  • Shipping will be charged extra and is not inclusive in the final price paid for the purchased item.Depending where the package is shipped will determine shipping cost’s.
  • Items are not priced , (Definition of Price on Request: if you are interested in buying a specific item from the website then email and Request the price of the item.) In General prices are not placed on this website to protect Customer Privacy.If you are genuinely interested in buying an item on the website then please email for the price.
  • As a purchaser you are responsible for the items purchased when they arrive at the destination in your country. That means any Customs clearance , taxes , etc. Generally speaking Antique items over 100 years old are tax and duty free in the majority of the World, this however may differ in some countries.It is worth while finding any information and validation in your country of residence.

Should you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions please contact